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How to claim BCH from QR code and exchange it to USD cash

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in August 2017, from a fork of Bitcoin. Despite their philosophical differences, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin share several technical similarities. They use the same consensus mechanism. More reading: How can I claim BCH from a QR Code? Download Set it up Click on the QR code scanner in the top right corner  How can I get USD with my BCH or crypto? For people living in Lebanon: The easiest way is to sell your crypto for USD using peer to peer groups. People usually prefer to buy and sell the stable coin USDT so we'll have to exchange our crypto to USDT before starting the sale. Sign up on Binance Withdraw your money from wallet to Binance Exchange your BCH to USDT Sell your USDT peer to peer using or Join our communities: Reddit: Discord: https://discord.r

General Information about Bitcoin and Crypto used by rLebanon Discord

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)? Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in August 2017, from a fork of Bitcoin. Despite their philosophical differences, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin share several technical similarities. They use the same consensus mechanism. More reading: Why do you use Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as the default currency in /r/Lebanon Discord? Even though we would have preferred to use BTC, the fees for Bitcoin are high, transactions take a lot of time to get confirmed and, most importantly, it doesn't make sense to send and receive small amounts (<10$) with BTC. BCH doesn't have all these issues, it has a huge community and a lot of support.  Which bot are you using for crypto transactions on Discord? How do I add money to my Discord account? Send a private message to the bot: $deposit BCH More information: How do I withdraw money from my Discord ac

List of some e-books that are worth reading about the history of Lebanon

I collected several good books about the modern history of Lebanon and I'm going to share the download links with you. If you have an additional ebook that you'd like to share with everyone, please send me an email on Sandra Mackey - Lebanon A House Divided Harris, William Wilson - Lebanon: a history, 600-2011 A History of Modern Lebanon by Fawwaz Traboulsi Philip K. Hitti (auth.) - A Short History of Lebanon (1965, Macmillan Education UK) Hirst, David - Beware of small states - Lebanon, battleground of the Middle East-Nation Books (2010) Robert Fisk - Pity the Nation - Lebanon at War-Oxford University Press, USA (2006) William R. Polk - The opening of south Lebanon, 1788-1840 Samuel M. Katz - Battleground Lebanon Robert Fisk - Pity the Nation: The Abduction of Lebanon Samir Kassir - Beirut

لكل من يشعر بالإحباط، الإكتئاب، أو يمرّ بأوقات صعبة، إقرأ التالي. موارد مجّانية متوفّرة لدعم النفسيّة، ضحايا إدمان المخدّرات، مجتمع ميم، ضحايا العنف المنزلي، والأطفال

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For anyone who's feeling down, depressed or passing through a rough time, read this. Free mental health support, drug addiction support, LGBTQI+ support, domestic abuse support, and children support resources included.

يمكنك  قراءة هذا المقال باللغة العربية هنا -  اضغط هنا

Transferwise: Banking Services Abroad without Traveling

Note: Transferwise changed its name to Wise . It's exactly the same thing, just a re-brand . What is Transferwise? Transferwise is an online banking service. It has no physical branches, but it can do most of the things a bank can. It's headquarters are in the EU. It's subject to the EU's laws.  Can Lebanese passport holders use Transferwise? Unlike most of other services, Transferwise verifies Lebanese passport holders, so you can still use it! Transferwise allows people with Lebanese passport to sign up and open an account and use it, you can open an account with your passport information (name, date of birth..etc) and use your address in Lebanon and phone number in Lebanon, and it would work, BUT they will limit some of functionalities because you live outside the EU. For example, you can't request a debit card or use a USD account. You can bypass this by using a business account (more on this later). What happens when you sign up? When you open a Transferwise ac

Posts talking about corruption in Lebanon.

  Hezbollah: Here are some of the terrorist attacks they have done throughout the years and in different parts of the World [Multiple sources] Hezbollah representative interviewed about the current situation in Lebanon and Israel on Al-Jazeerah Lebanese Activist Hussein Nasrallah was arrested at the airport once he arrived in Lebanon because of his anti-hezbollah views "I was waiting for an answer from Hezbollah and an explanation, instead of accusing me of being an agent" Cardinal Al-Rahi Hezbollah Relation to Venezuela Seven years (2020)ago today Mohammed Chatah was assassinated. This was his last tweet 32 minutes prior to his murder. Documentary showing the brutality of harakat Amal and Hezbollah thugs on October 23rd, 2019. Hezbollah says it has doubled its guided-missile arsenal. 2020 Posting about an Iranian general on the road leading to the airport Here are some proofs of Nassrallah protecting the corrupt leaders and some of the corruptions Hezbolla

How can a Lebanese open a bank account abroad

EDIT: Lebanese can open accounts on Transferwise, which gives them access to USA/UK/EU and other banking accounts, all without needing to travel at all. It's a great service, used and trusted by many. It's based in the EU and has a good reputation for being save and having low fees. For more information  check this guide  Hello, I hope everyone is doing fine in this shitty economical situation Lebanon is passing through. In an attempt to help people brainstorm and figure out the best thing for them to do, I'm going to post a couple of threads tackling some of the financial issues related to Lebanon. This post is targeted to people who already have a lot of cash and aren't knowing what to do with it, it doesn't tackle how to get your money out of the bank.  A lot of people either have high-cash generating businesses, or where able to withdraw a large sum of money early on and are stacking their cash in vaults at home. Furthermore, with the new bank restr

List of NGOs and organization that are worth volunteering for! Make a difference in someone's life. Make a difference in the world.

  Why Volunteer? Volunteering with an NGO/charity is an extremely rewarding experience. Volunteering helps you build interpersonal skills and accelerates your personal growth. You tend to become a good listener and a good speaker. You become sensitive towards other people’s needs. Over a period of time, you develop communication, leadership, and decision-making skills. You become more empathetic towards others’ feelings. You gain confidence and this enhances your overall personality. At the same time, volunteering helps you MAKE A DIFFERENCE. By helping individuals, you are contributing towards the upliftment of the community and the nation as a whole. You are willingly serving the community for no absolute personal gain. You foster teamwork and community development. You become mindful of the small things that can impact the society and benefit its people. Your efforts bring positive changes and make a difference in people’s’ lives. List of NGOs and organization tha

Websites that can help you find a job, improve your skills, build your CVs, and prepare for interviews!

  Websites that can help you find a job:,12.htm Websites that can help you learn for free: https://www.

[Guide] How to send money from abroad to Lebanon?

  -------------- International Bank Transfer in Fresh USD Account -------------- 1. Open a fresh money account in your bank Blom Bank: Bank Audi: Byblos Bank: Fresh Money Account or External Account is a bank account that has real USD, unlike old/regular bank accounts which have lollars in them. (Lollars are Lebanese Dollars aka Dollars stuck in Lebanese banks, aka Dollars in bank accounts before October 2019) In order to receive an international incoming bank transfer, make sure you go to your bank before the transfer is done and open an external or fresh money bank account. Do NOT transfer into your old USD account. 2. Tell the bank you're expecting to receive an international incoming bank transfer and want to withdraw it in USD Some banks are giving out the entire incoming bank transfe

[Guide] How can I buy stuff online in Lebanon?

  Can I use the old USD in the bank (lollars) to buy online? Most banks have very low internet limits. We're talking about $15-$20 per month limit. It is expected that all banks decrease this limit to 0 soon. That being said, banks are not treating customers equally. You might have a better internet limit than other people. Call your bank's call center and ask about your internet limit. Can I use my LBP card to pay online? Banks stopped all fx transactions (changing from LBP to USD). So the answer to this question is 99% of the time no . That being said, banks are not treating customers equally. You might have a better internet limit than other people. Call your bank's call center and ask about your internet limit. Amazon/Expedia/Steam/Other website is showing the items in LBP and the invoice and total are in LBP, can I use my LBP to pay it? No. Amazon and other websites show their invoices in all currencies around the world depending on where you'r

Jobs, financial aids, mental health, and Education Resources

  Master Doc for the Crisis  About This document is available to the general public and was created to make job, mental health and educational resources as widely available as possible during these difficult times. You are welcome to add and update any relevant information to these tables as you see fit by emailing us on with what you would like to add or modify. Thank you! Ressources Jobs and financial aid Title and description Link Description and feedback (eg. is link still valid?) Daleel Mawaheb Daleel Mawaheb is an app that connects people who have skills to people who are looking for skills in times of Thawra and beyond Daleel Madani job listings Jobs portal for jobs in civil society managed by “Lebanon Support.” The main website has  many resources, such as a portal with calls for project submissions in civil society as well as