Jobs, financial aids, mental health, and Education Resources

 Master Doc for the Crisis 


This document is available to the general public and was created to make job, mental health and educational resources as widely available as possible during these difficult times. You are welcome to add and update any relevant information to these tables as you see fit by emailing us on with what you would like to add or modify. Thank you!


Jobs and financial aid

Title and description


Description and feedback (eg. is link still valid?)

Daleel Mawaheb

Daleel Mawaheb is an app that connects people who have skills to people who are looking for skills in times of Thawra and beyond

Daleel Madani job listings

Jobs portal for jobs in civil society managed by “Lebanon Support.” The main website has  many resources, such as a portal with calls for project submissions in civil society as well as funding opportunities. 

Baabdat aid to families in need

Aid for families in need, details in the document.

“SIP Money” Financial guidance application

A mobile app that understands your financial situation, and recommends personalized budgets and rewards you when you commit

“Made for Brands” call for project ideas

A call for projects with direct impact on Lebanon with funding opportunities. Deadline is May 31st.

كتفي بكتفك - شبكة أمان شعبية

"Kitfe bi kitfak - Solidarity Network”

Campaign launched by student groups and youth activists (from the Mada Student Network) to establish networks of solidarity and mutual aid. Anyone in the group can request assistance or offer assistance to others (cash assistance; food assistance; medicines etc.). Job opportunities can also be found.


Group on Facebook that connects people who want to help with people who are in need of assistance.

List of online jobs available in Lebanon and

Website made for job hunting with option to search for jobs that can be worked on from home


Website for Job hunting in Lebanon

Taken from website - “Now’s the time for us,

the Lebanese living abroad, to get involved.

Let’s create an alternate economy

to revive the Lebanon we know and love.

Let’s act.”

Initiative by diaspora to hire local Lebanese people in an effort to help.

Mental Health 


Links and Contact

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Caritas Mental Health

01 499 767

81 200 154 

Caritas Lebanon is providing FREE mental health services at its different health center locations. Free psychotherapy (including trauma therapy). Reduced cost psychiatric care and subsidized medication

Embrace Suicide Hotline

Hotline: 1564

Embrace is an NGO that offers support to individuals struggling with suicidal thoughts. 

The A Project

Hotline/ Whatsapp:: 

76 680 920

The A Project is an initiative that raises awareness on gender and sexuality-related matters. They operate a hotline through which they provide answers and guidance on many topics related to sexual and reproductive health (e.g. abortion, HIV, contraceptives, gender identities and sexuality etc.). 

“Fashit Khele2” Online Support Group

Initiative which provides free weekly support group sessions to be able to deal with the strain of the revolution, economic crisis and pandemic. Sessions are every Friday at 8PM 

SIDC Lebanon

01 482 428 

01 491 705

70 498 229

70 983 427

Help line: 76  028 221

Offering free psychological and psychiatric sessions to people between 14 and 28

The Therapy Circle

Horsh Tabet 70 739 692

Lebanese Psychological Association

Find a psychologist on: 



06 410 577 - 06 411451

Furn El Chebbek 

 01 291 066 -01 291 067 - 76 70 80 83

Services to sexual abuse and assault survivors free of charge

The Vibe Wellness Circle

01 444 564 - 81 337 334

Providing a holistic approach to healing and prevention through different disciplines and with various approaches. Based in Gemmayze


LebMASH (non profit NGO) aims at advancing sexual and reproductive health for all individuals in Lebanon, with particular focus on LGBT and other marginalized populations in Lebanon

Vanessa Abou Sleiman

Can connect you to volunteer therapists for 1 month/4 sessions through online calls


71 500 808

Free psychotherapy (for women surviving trauma or GBV)


76 100 567

IDRAAC Institute for Development, Research, Advocacy and Applied Care is the first non‐profit organization (NGO) dedicated to mental health in Lebanon and the Arab World and is located in Beirut, Lebanon -

Free psychotherapy

Blue Mission

07 732 636

78 965 062

Free psychotherapy. Based in Saida

IMC: مستوصف الاخلاص 

06 394 610

71 035 911

Free psychotherapy. Based in Tripoli, Douar Abou Ali

Medecins Du Monde

01 832 900

01 832 9001

Free psychotherapy and psychiatry services. Based in Beirut and Beqaa


03 414 964 

Hotline to report child abuse: 01 692 045

Free psychosocial support + child therapy if needed (for children under 18)


03 730 475


01-380515 - 70-953620

A sexual health center that provides services confidentially and anonymously. 

--HIV Testing (Free of charge)

-Hepatitis B & C and Syphilis Testing (Subsidized price)

-Medical consultation (Subsidized price)

-Psychological and Social counselling (Subsidized price)

Lebanon For You

Go to the website, click on استشارة نفسية, choose a therapist according to your needs, pick the offered date, fill in your information and submit. Free therapy done on Zoom.

Education (books etc.)



Description and Feedback

Memory of the World Library

Large online database of books (scholarly and non-scholarly) that can be downloaded for free.

Library Genesis

Large online database of books that can be downloaded for free - similar to Memory of the World

أرشيف سلسلة عالم المعرفة

Archives of the “A’alm Al Ma’rifa” books

This link contains the books published in the “A’alam Al Ma’rifa” series from 1978 to 2017.

Free Textbooks for Students

Hundreds of free university and grad-level ebooks till end of July

Book Exchange Beirut

Facebook group in which members can sell, buy, exchange or give away their books and magazines.

Lebanon Archives

A person passionate about Lebanese history scans and uploads documents from Lebanon’s history (from vintage newspapers and magazines, to valuable books).

مركز الأبحاث والدراسات في المعلوماتية القانونية - الجامعة اللبنانية

Lebanese University Center for Legal Studies

Invaluable source of all legal-related matters in Lebanon. Database of all Official Gazettes.

Ask for PDFs from People with Institutional Access

Group on Facebook whereby people post what scholarly document(s) they need, and others with access to university libraries send them the document. The chart below is a useful guide to finding scholarly books and journal articles for free:

eBooks on Lebanon’s history, politics and society

A Google Drive folder containing several books on Lebanon’s history, politics and society, written by scholars

Novels and Philosophy ebooks (in French)

A Google Drive folder containing several novels and philosophy books in French

Critical Readings

A Google Drive folder containing books by many critical authors and philosophers

IQRI Youth Organization

Instagram @Iqraayouthorg

An NGO which provides educational resources for children affected by poverty and war in the Middle East


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