How to claim BCH from QR code and exchange it to USD cash

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

Bitcoin cash is a cryptocurrency created in August 2017, from a fork of Bitcoin. Despite their philosophical differences, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin share several technical similarities. They use the same consensus mechanism. More reading:

How can I claim BCH from a QR Code?

  1. Download
  2. Set it up
  3. Click on the QR code scanner in the top right corner 

How can I get USD with my BCH or crypto?

For people living in Lebanon:

The easiest way is to sell your crypto for USD using peer to peer groups. People usually prefer to buy and sell the stable coin USDT so we'll have to exchange our crypto to USDT before starting the sale.

  1. Sign up on Binance
  2. Withdraw your money from wallet to Binance
  3. Exchange your BCH to USDT
  4. Sell your USDT peer to peer using or

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